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Sorry, but I can't find that resource. I looked down the back of the sofa and everything.

I really hate the very idea of disappointing you, so perhaps you'd like to visit our Home Page? Or you could visit our About page to find out who may be responsible if you'd prefer?

This error has been logged and will hopefully be fixed soon. Unless it was a broken link on someone else's site, of course.

Or unless they get the same bloke to fix it as made the error in the first place.

Or unless it was a deliberate error. You know, just to see what I'd say if I couldn't find a file you asked for that had never even existed. That would be a bit mean though, making me feel all apologetic, like I'd failed you, just to see what kind of apology I'd give.

I should have rickrolled you, you big meanie.


ammon at ammon johns dot com


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