Ammon Johns

Ammon Johns (small image)Ammon Johns, Internet Marketing and SEO Mentor

I have been using the title “Internet Marketing Consultant” since 1996/1997.  That was the year in which I shut down my web design services to follow the real demand.

You see, I’d started out as a web designer a few years earlier, and soon had clients saying “We like the site, but where are all the people we heard were online?”.

I’d been finding out, and all through 1996 had been getting more and more contacts from companies saying “We heard what you did for [Company name] and wondered if you could do the same for us.  But we don’t want a new website, just that traffic thing”.

So, in 1997 I stopped being a web designer and webmaster and became a specialist web promoter.  By 1999 I was well known in the forums of the day, often called an expert, or a guru, even occasionally a legend.

Well, I still brand myself as simple Internet Marketing Consultant, but if people must have a less humble title, I’m okay with Mentor.

Quick Facts about Ammon Johns

  • Ammon Johns was born in London in 1966
  • Currently lives near Newhaven, UK
  • Was once the only search result for “Internet Marketing Consultant”
  • Has had independent, agency, and in-house SEO roles

Ammon Johns & Co are also on Google+.

  • Aleka Stone

    It is especially rewarding to see you continuing to practice what you preach in a simple and unequivocal way. Thanks for your willingness to spend your time in the lab testing what really works and then freely sharing the results with the rest of us.

  • Chase

    bookmarked!!, I love your website!